Gala 1991

ImageGALA 1991

"Hollywood in Rotterdam…"

For three evenings in 1991 Lee Towers welcomed his public in a renovated Ahoy' sports palace to the seventh edition of the Gala of the Year. The public were treated to a show in which, supported by the Metropole orchestra and Jody's Singers, Lee devoted ample attention to his Hollywood album. In addition to Timeless, Lee also welcomed the Soundmix winner Jorge Castro, with whom he performed the splendid "Try to remember...".

The renowned show ballet, by now an indispensable ingredient of the Galas in Ahoy', also played a vital role during the rendition of a medley of classics from the musical "West Side Story", but also during the Las Vegas version of Neil Diamond's "America".

During the galas Lee Towers invariably thanks his wife Laura with the performance of "My Woman, My Wife". But it is not only his wife who earns a principle part; his daughter Claudia had also secured an admittedly small, but for Lee certainly very important role in the show ballet.

For those who were not present at one of the three concerts, Radio Rijnmond broadcast a two-hour compilation.