Gala 1993

ImageGALA 1993

"Special Request"
The Gala of the Year '93, which was held on four evenings, celebrated the common bond between the Netherlands and Indonesia. The guest list was huge. Among others Lee welcomed Sandra Reemer, Andy Tielman, Julia Loko, Ais Lawalata, Justine Pelmelay, The Blue Diamonds, Jan Vayne, Piet Veerman, Wieteke van Dort and the "Indonesian Lee Towers", Broery.

With a great deal of technical ingenuity, Lee Towers adopted a novel approach. He arranged for a more than 48-metre wide "curtain of clouds" to be made specially for his Ahoy' adventure. The entire stage was equipped with innovative, advanced technical devices using innumerable tracks, hydraulically operated stage sections and show staircases. Together with the set designer Hub Berkers, Lee Towers also surprised the public by having the section of stage carrying the orchestra of seventy musicians moved automatically forwards and backwards to create space for the show ballet.


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