Gala 1995

ImageGALA 1995

During the ninth edition of the Gala of the Year in Ahoy' Lee Towers celebrated his twenty-year anniversary as an artiste. In order to make his special "Jubilee" Galas even grander and more spectacular, Lee enlisted the assistance of no less than 700 people! With overwhelming results.

A totally revamped décor, including water fountains and moving stages, was sufficient to accommodate an enormous orchestra assembled specially for the occasion and consisting of members of The Dutch Jazz Orchestra, the Symphonia Strings from London, Jody's Singers, who by now had become an integral part of the show, and the spectacular show ballet. The show's "own" familiar conductors Jerry van Rooyen and Harry van Hoof took it in turns to conduct the musicians.

The public were treated to a real spectacular during the performance of "An American Trilogy" (including 50 trained doves flying around the arena), a tremendous laser show with fibreglass costumes and a ballet with "10,000 Light Years".

In celebration of his anniversary Lee Towers welcomed a host of guests including Anita Meijer, the singer Maurice Kroon, the winner of the Soundmix show Arno Kolenbrander, the Tikiko Children's Choir and a large number of choirs (with more than 300 members) conducted by Piet van der Sanden.

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